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Sofia uses the Oracle Intelligent Advisor Web Service Connector framework to deliver embedded Interviews in Lightning experiences with secure access to your Salesforce data.

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Sofia is still in beta, features are subject to change.

Lightning Web Component

Add interviews to Salesforce Desktop, Mobile and Experience Cloud sites. Configure via flexible component properties. Include your own interview extensions. Style it using your own CSS.

Salesforce Object Support

Standard objects, custom objects, no special cases. Supports the same objects as the Salesforce UI API. Support for deep object hierarchies.

Integrated Security

Follows the Salesforce security model. Customers, employees and partners see only what they should. Get up and running in minutes. Use Profiles and Permissions for fine-grained control.

Point-and-click Data Mapping

No code to write or integration wiring required. Dynamically load Salesforce data and use checkpoints with auto-resume.

Transparent Pricing and Billing

Pay for what you use, based on the scale and complexity of your use cases.

Performance and Scalability

Performance, scalability and reliability backed by global-scale infrastructure services.

News and Reviews

Install and configure

2 September 2021

Richard Napier (

Article and 5 minute walkthrough video overview of getting up and running with Sofia.

Embed your first interview in Salesforce

8 September 2021

Richard Napier (

How to configure data mappings, including value lists, relationships and attachments and embed your interview into the Salesforce Lightning UI. Includes a 7 minute video.

Interviews in Salesforce Experience Cloud

30 September 2021

Richard Napier (

Dive deeper into configuration options and flexibility. Provide Intelligent Advisor interviews to your customers and partners via Experience Cloud community portals. 3 minute video.

Advanced features walkthrough

5 October 2021

Richard Napier (

Dynamic data loading, checkpoints and deep hierarchies - Richard covers them all here, along with another 7 minute video demo.


There are many ways to integrate Oracle Intelligent Advisor interviews into your Salesforce experiences. Here's how we think they compare.

Other Integration PlatformCustom Development
Simple data mapping (single Salesforce object)MinutesDaysDays/WeeksWeeks
Complex data mapping (multiple Salesforce objects)MinutesWeeksWeeks/MonthsMonths
Support Checkpoints and AttachmentsIncludedWeeksWeeksWeeks
Support Dynamic Data LoadingIncludedWeeksWeeksWeeks
Roles to set up interviewsAuthor + AdminAuthor + Admin + Integration DeveloperAuthor + Admin + Integration DeveloperAuthor + Admin + Software Developer
Integrate into Salesforce Lightning UI & MobileMinutesWeeksWeeksWeeks
Integrate into Salesforce Experience CloudMinutesWeeksWeeksWeeks
Support all Salesforce ObjectsIncludedIntegration DeveloperIntegration DeveloperSoftware Developer
Support new connector capabilitiesIncludedIntegration DeveloperIntegration DeveloperSoftware Developer
Security Reviewed by SalesforceBefore GANoNoNo
Pricing modelRequest time*Messages/hourCore, Task, Node hour, User, AgentDepends on implementation

* Pricing model to be confirmed.


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